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The book Quodons in mica: nonlinear localized travelling excitations by Juan FR Archilla, Noé Jiménez, Víctor J. Sánchez-Morchillo and Luis M. García-Raffi, Editors, has been published by Springer in August 2015.

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Download the preface and table of contents.

The conference "Quodons in mica: a meeting in Honour of Mike Russell" took place at the seaside in Altea (Alicante, Spain), from September 18, midday, to Saturday 21, morning, plus a few days before and after for many participants.

Scope: Nonlinear Localized Travelling Excitations in Crystals

The aim of the conference is to clarify what is the state of the science, experimentally and theoretically, with respect to the existence and properties of localized excitations travelling in crystals. These excitations, for example, can be breathers, kinks, solitons, polarons and others. It has also a special interest in mica, the tracking process and what is recorded in it.

The conference has a special interest in mica but is not restricted to it. In particular, evidence for quodons or other kinds of excitations in other materials, such as metals and semiconductors, will be of high interest. The aim is to bring together people interested in the subject and to discuss what we know and what we don't know, what we would like to do and how to do it. Old ideas and contributions with a new look are also welcome. Have they been confirmed or not and why?

Since a striking property of mica is its ability to record disturbances at the atomic level, both the tracking process and what has been recorded are important. Protected from external influences while recording events deep underground, with capture times of hundreds of years or more, it has the potential to record very rare events. Application to topical matters, such as dark matter and dark energy, are of upmost interest to the conference.

The meeting location: Altea

The conference will be held in hotel Capnegret in Altea, see Accomodation section and Location section for details

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The book Quodons in mica has been published in August 2015!
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